What Does Mississippi Have To Offer?

Special Offers

Mississippi is a state that tends to fly under the radar for most people. Although it is perhaps the one state that most children can spell by the time they are in grammar school, it is not one that most people consider when it comes to vacations. That truly is a shame, however, because the state has much to offer for those who decide to make a visit.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when visiting Mississippi is the raw nature that is available in the state. To be certain, there are many things to do but unless you hit the great outdoors and take in what the state has to offer in that way, you are missing out. Some of the areas that are worth seeing when you visit the state include The Natchez Trace, Red Bluff, The Petrified Forest And Windsor Ruins. Plan on spending some time in any of those areas, taking a leisurely walk through the wilderness or studying what the area has to offer.

Not everybody is going to be visiting Mississippi to enjoy the wilderness. If city life appeals to you, including all that it has to offer, Jackson is the place that you should visit. It may not be the largest city in the world, but it does not lack when it comes to amenities.

One of the features that are available in Jackson is the theater district, which could keep you busy for a long visit. You can visit the Thalia Mara Hall to experience Broadway productions or perhaps take in the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. There is also a professional puppet theater, which is not unique to see, it is something that the children will appreciate as well.

Jackson is also rich in history, as is much of the state of Mississippi. When you understand more about the history of Jackson, you will certainly appreciate more of what it has to offer. You can learn much about the history of Mississippi by visiting some of the museums, including the Old Capital Museum, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other museums include the Mississippi Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural Science in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park.

As you can tell, Mississippi is more than just a state that contains several “crooked letters,” it is a state that is rich in cultural heritage, history and beauty.