Six Must Eat Cuisines from Mississippi


Mississippi is popular for not only its Delta blues music but also its delicious cuisine. The Hospitality State offers authentic Southern cuisine by the heaps for locals and visitors alike to delight on. Here are a few of the foods that have made Mississippi famous; they are must eats if you are ever passing through Mississippi:

1. Po´Boys

Although Louisiana claims to have invented the French bread that is stacked high with meat, tomato and lettuce and more commonly referred to as the Po’boy, it was Mississippi that to this concept to the next level by making the protein of choice, deep fried seafood. There are quite a few joints in the area with their special takes on this popular dish all of which leave you wanting more.

2. Mississippi Mud Pie

Resembling the muddy Mississippi River after a rainstorm this indulging dessert offers the delicious taste of chocolate. With crust that is made out of crushed chocolate cookies and topped with layers of flourless and dense chocolate cake as well as a velvety chocolate pudding, this is truly a delight to all that is sure to put you right into a food coma.

3. Barbecue

Ribs, pulled pork and BBQ chicken are all do-to dishes in Mississippi. In Mississippi the smoked pork ribs offer meat that falls of the bone and there are some places whose sauce and BBQ products have won awards.

4. Soul Food

Mainstays of Mississippi cuisine include catfish, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, fried okra and cornbread. Mississippi boasts some of the best soul food at many of their restaurants and all you can eat buffets.

5. Blue Crabs

Mississippi is well known for their blue crabs, the sweet meat offered is the perfect topping making any protein being eaten that much better. From crab marinated in homemade Italian dressing and served on a delicious iceberg lettuce cups to sautéed crab claws in garlic butter, fried crab claws and soft shell crab, these local favorites are a must try.

6. Gulf Oysters

Coastal oysters are huge; their shells can reach up to eight inches in diameter and they are packed with flavor. Much like shrimp, almost all eateries claiming to specialize in seafood have them on their menus. There are various ways that they are served but even served naturally with a dash of Tabasco, they are delicious.